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Free Life Insurance


If you are like millions of Americans, you have put off life insurance.  Maybe it’s because of the cost.  You feel you don’t need it.  Or, you simply can’t find a plan suitable to your needs.  If any of these statements apply to you, then this post is for you..

This life insurance has already been paid for on your behalf.  The person who paid for it knew you would need it and arranged it so that everyone could benefit from it if they so please…

It’s free.  It’s available to you and your family, your friends and all you have to do is want it…

This life insurance comes with many benefits…

  • Access to God’s throne
  • Access to sit and talk with Jesus
  • Access to a mansion fully furnished
  • Access to free health care (no more sickness, no more pain)

and, countless other benefits you can access before leaving this earth such as;

  • Joy in the midst of sorrow
  • 24/7 access to contact Jesus
  • 24/7 protection
  • Peace

the list goes on and on…

To sign up for this incredible offer which has been around for thousands of years, simply accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior.  Just allow Him to govern your life and everything you could possibly need will be supplied through Him in this life and the life beyond…

Inspired by Sister Laraine Turner

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Praying for Our Kids

Originally posted on The Pursuit of God:


As Christian parents, we should be praying for our children, right? Well, it depends. If we’re like most Christians, we define praying as making a series of anxious requests to God.

“Help my children to come to know You. Help them to make wise choices in life. Help them to do well in school. Help them to overcome their fears. Help them to make friends. Help them through this difficult time. Be with them. Comfort them. Strengthen them.”

These are some things that we can all resonate with. We want our children to succeed in life and to seek the path of righteousness. But what are we saying to God when we pray these kinds of prayers? For starters, we’re saying that we feel it is necessary or even vital that we make these kinds of requests. But why? Don’t we believe that God is already taking care of our…

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God Misses You!

jesus_cryHave you veered away from God? I’m sure your Father misses you very much.

Ever since my son went to Heaven, I have longed to talk with him. If I could just hear his voice, I know I would feel better. At times, I almost feel like I could throw up because it hurts so badly. Job said, “It’s enough to turn anyone’s stomach!” (See Job 6:1-7, Message Bible)

I explained it to a friend this way. Your teenager or young adult is out real late at night. You call and call them on the cell phone and they won’t answer. If you can just hear their voice, then you’re okay. And no matter how mad you are at that child for not answering, you are still at peace when you know they are safe and sound.

From time to time, a very special friend whom we call Uncle Bob will write on our son’s wall on Facebook. This section really stood out to me, “A parent’s love is an awesome thing. I’m sure it is a close representation of God’s love for us. Your articles were a great expression of your love for God and how you applied your love for God to your life. Your mom’s writing is more about her love and admiration for you. Her memories of you are fond and her pride in you has no boundaries. It is good to be loved liked that.”

Our Father God feels the same about us. His love for us is incredible. Even in bitterness, Job knew this. Look at Job 10:8 (Mess.); “You gave me life itself, and incredible love.” Paul reminded believers the greatness of God’s love during times of disobedience in Ephesians 2:1, “It’s a wonder God didn’t lose his temper and do away with the whole lot of us. Instead, immense in mercy and with an incredible love, he embraced us.”

One time as a little girl, I hid from my mother because I had an accident in my pants. We were at my grandparents and they lived on a lake. My mom called and called to me fearing I had drowned. Finally, when I came out of hiding and answered her call, she was so grateful to hear my voice. She just hugged me and hugged me.

Many times we hide in fear from God because of something we’ve done wrong. And all the while, He just wants to hear that voice of ours. He’s our Daddy and if we’ll just call to Him, everything will be okay. He’ll help us clean up our messes.

“I called out your name, O God, called from the bottom of the pit. You listened when I called out, ‘Don’t shut your ears! Get me out of here! Save me!’ You came close when I called out. You said, ‘It’s going to be all right.” (Lamentations 3:5, Mess.)

Last night, we went to dinner with some very close friends. Their little five-year-old daughter asks me, “Sue, do you miss Byron?” I answered her, “Oh yes! I do miss Byron.” “Still?” she exclaimed. I bent down and said, “Honey, I’ll miss Byron forever.”

It doesn’t matter how long you’re away from the Father. Your Daddy misses you and will continue to do so till He hears your voice. If you haven’t talked to Him lately, I’m sure He would love hearing from you.

[So I went with him, and when we were climbing the rocky steps up the hillside, my beloved shepherd said to me] O my dove, [while you are here] in the seclusion of the clefts in the solid rock, in the sheltered and secret place of the cliff, let me see your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely. (Song of Solomon 2:14)

Inspired by Sue Bohnert

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The Landlord

Shivering-thermostatThere is a story of an old woman who lived alone in a small shack of a house. The paint was peeling, the roof was leaking and the floor was sagging, but it was all she could afford at the time. Her landlord was an ugly old man with a hateful temper who scared her.

Once a month, he would come and bang on the door and when she would open it, he would be standing there breathing down her neck demanding the rent. She would quickly give it to him so he would go away.

One day, there came a knock at the door and she opened it, fearing the nasty landlord, but was surprised to see a handsome young man standing there. He told her that he had purchased the house and he was the new landlord. He told her he wanted to fix the leak in the roof, repaint the house and repair the sagging floor. She hung her head in despair. Where would she live? She could hardly afford this dump she’d been living in.

When he realized the cause of her despair, be told her not to be alarmed. He was not going to force her out of the house. In fact, she was the reason he was making all of the repairs. He wanted her to have a house that was safe and secure and something she would be proud to call a home.

But that wasn’t even the best part. He told her that she would be able to live in the house from now on rent free.

Well, this seemed to be too good to be true. She waited every day for him to change his mind, but he didn’t. Over the next few weeks, he came and made all of the repairs he promised and even helped her plant flowers in front of the house. It was a dream come true. She couldn’t be happier.

Then one day, she heard a very loud, very familiar bang on the front door. She hesitated a moment and then she opened the door. There stood the nasty, mean landlord from before breathing down her neck demanding the rent. Should she pay him? Of course not! The house no longer belonged to him. He had no right to it nor did he have any right to harass her.

So what about us? We live in a world where this nasty, mean landlord scares us and demands things from us and makes our lives miserable. Then we are introduced to Jesus and he comes into our lives and cleans us up and makes everything beautiful. We go skipping through life and are happier than ever until we hear a knock on the door.

The enemy has no claim to you. Once you are in Christ, you are free.Romans 8: 35-39 says:

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We belong to the King of Creation. We no longer have to believe the lies of the enemy. So slam the door in his face and call out to the One who knows you, loves you and paid the price for you

Inspired by Susan Norris

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What Makes a Pastor Steal Church Money?

How-to-Steal-Money-from-an-ATMHave you ever asked yourself why a pastor would steal church money?  Seriously! If you look at this question with a magnifying glass it is not as simple as the pastor just being greedy.  It goes much deeper than that.  Why would a pastor go against everything that he knows and teaches to be true, deliberately violate those truths, and then try to hide it to perpetuate his behavior?  In the business world and in the church the most common crime committed is embezzlement.  Why is it that many pastors are now falling into this sin in larger numbers?

Let me give you some statistics* about the life of many pastors today.  This may help you better understand why stealing church money is on the rise.

  • A little over 80% of pastors and their spouses currently or frequently struggle with discouragement, disappointment or depression.
  • More than 40% of pastors feel they lead lives that are too busy and they often feel guilt over it because their children are the ones who suffer most.
  • The majority of pastors feel the church, or the way that they “did church”, has had a negative impact of their families.
  • 40% of pastors experience serious conflicts with a parishioner on a monthly basis.

(*These statistics were taken from  George Barna and James Dobson)

It is a wonder you have persevered

But why?  Let’s face it:  Pastoring gets the attention of the enemy of your soul and he will resist you.  You, in turn, must be diligent to guard your soul.  What does that have to do with stealing money from the church?  It has a lot to do with it.  You see, these statistics simply set the table.  As we travel deeper into the heart of the matter, we see an even greater need for pastors to be on guard; other conditions make it easier for pastors to fall into temptation.  Here are four that when combined with the above-mentioned statistics can cause “even the elect” to break.

1.     7 out of 10 pastors claim that they do not have someone that they truly call a friend.*  When a parishioner needs help, he calls the pastor.  When the pastor needs help, he goes into a cave.  Unlike Elijah, pastors do not usually have God encounters in those caves.  Instead, because of the busyness of life and the demands of pastoring, a pastor usually tries to cope in his natural self.

2.     False identity:  Unfortunately, many pastors that start churches have a difficult time separating themselves and their identities from their church.  Therefore, 100% of their soul is wrapped up in the church.  In some cases they believe that, like a man who starts a business, the church (or business side of church) is theirs and they make decisions how they please and no one can tell them what to do.

3.    The vast majority of pastors are severely underpaid and their spouses are never paid:  Regardless of what you hear on the news or read on the Internet, more than 9 out of 10 pastors are underpaid and if you consider the number of hours that their spouses contribute, it is borderline indentured servitude.  Believe me, this weighs on pastors’ hearts.  As the years pass, they feel the weight of seeing the life for which they once had great dreams succumbing to the concerns that come with the golden years, and there is no nest egg for retirement.  That can be very depressing.

4.    A misplaced heart:  I have met many pastors that spend 100% of their energy focused on growing their churches.  Yet they speak very little of true discipleship, humble servant hood and pastoral care.  It seems that they want growth and it does not matter how it happens.  Like the prophetic word spoken by Joshua over Jericho, “He who rebuilds its foundations will do it at the cost of his firstborn son, and he who sets up its gates at the cost of his youngest son.”  As we read later in the Scriptures, one man named Hiel of Bethel was up to the task.  Wanting to rebuild Jericho so badly that he simply did not heed the warning of the cost, he built…but his two sons perished.  As a pastor friend that did not reach mega church status once told me, “Thank You, Lord, for not giving me what I so dearly wanted.”

So to sum up the four conditions; they are loneliness, false identity, frustration over finances, and a misplaced heart.

Headed to moral bankruptcy

While it never makes it right, at least you can see how the circumstances of ministry can play a role in taking a pastor to moral bankruptcy.  That is what happened to a Columbus, OH pastor who embezzled money from the church to fund a better lifestyle.  He claimed that the money was used so that he could better serve his church, so he purchased a boat and a pool for his house; all to share with the congregation and better serve them.  I know!  It sounds ridiculous.  But it really happened.  The four conditions combined with the statistics can lead anyone to moral bankruptcy, making stealing church money look like it was something God wanted.

Now we know

Now you know why so many pastors today are falling into moral bankruptcy.  Any one of the four conditions can be the tipping point for many pastors.  You may even indentify with more than one of these.  Be encouraged; there is hope.

We serve a God who is hope Himself and He has a wonderful journey for you that will fill you with that hope regardless of how you feel today.  Would you like to get a hold of some of that hope?  OK!

A man’s hope is in his expectation.  Here is a list of what you can expect from God your Father.

1.     God is pleased with you for just being you:  Yes, He really finds pleasure in who you are and what you do.  He manages and deals with your shortcomings, sins and misunderstandings of who He is, but He does it with joy because He knows what it will do to you.

2.     If God called you to pastor, He still wants you to pastor:  Many leaders think that because they feel morally and/or spiritually bankrupt, that they should step down, when in fact it is the best time to humble themselves before the Lord and go through a rebuilding process.  A good perspective is to know that a pastor is still a sheep.  He simply is the one that wears the bell around his neck.

He has already provided a “1 Corinthians 10:13 answer” for you. Use the resources He gave you to build firewalls that protect you and others from the temptation of embezzlement:  The Lord is pleased when leaders guard their souls and those of others by investing in firewalls that make sinning harder to do.  Why not take the time to learn and get educated on how to create policies and procedures to ensure that church funds and assets never get embezzled?

Inspired by Raul Rivera

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Is My Remarriage a Sin?

married-couple-300x205Both my husband and I are divorced and remarried. Based on what the Bible says, are we living in sin?

Q: I just recently became a Christian. Both my husband and I are divorced and remarried. So, according to Matthew 5:31-32, are we living in sin—committing adultery? Somehow I find it hard to believe that God would want us to divorce each other and return to our previous spouses. And in any case, we can’t—they’re each remarried. I so want to please God … but this really concerns me

A: Over the years, there’s been a lot of controversy about how to interpret biblical teaching on the subject of divorce. Some seem to completely ignore the grace of God—and the wisdom and guidance of all the other Scriptures in the Bible—for an extreme form of legalism. Others seem to go to great lengths to find ways to dismiss what the Bible teaches, explaining it away as though it’s no longer relevant. Both approaches are dangerous.

Scripture is clear that God hates divorce, that He considers the marriage vow a sacred covenant. But there are certain circumstances in which divorce is permitted, and in which remarriage is not frowned upon (e.g., Deuteronomy 24:1-4Matthew 19:3-12). From what we can tell, a lot depends on the circumstances and the attitudes of those involved. The Scriptures seem to say those who take marriage lightly, divorcing for frivolous reasons (such as to pursue unbridled passion) will be held accountable.

Even so, there is a distinction between the way Scripture treats the sins of unbelievers and the sins of Christians. There’s a difference between sins we unknowingly committed before we met Christ (which can’t be undone and are covered by the blood of Jesus), and sins we knowingly commit after we become Christians (which are certainly still covered by the blood of Jesus, but may indicate a need for spiritual correction or discipline and accountability).

In your case, I think the answer is fairly straightforward. Two wrongs don’t make a right; a second divorce isn’t the answer. Christians may disagree about whether or not it is appropriate for a divorced believer to remarry—and under what circumstances. Each one of us has to seek God, study the Scriptures, and make our own peace with the issue. But once it’s done, sin or not, like many choices we’ve made in the past, it can’t be undone. All we can do is confess our part in the failures of the past, repent, and determine in our hearts to do everything we can to walk in obedience with God today. That includes making every effort to make your present marriage everything that God intended marriage to be—at its best, a beautiful reflection of the love Christ has for His church (Eph. 5:21-33)

Inspired by Christin Ditchfield

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The Enemy Within…

enemey-within-kirkWe are all children of God, the Light, or whatever you might call the Creator. We are all created in God’s image and likeness and the spark of God’s love resides in us. All of us are expressions of God’s perfection and love and therefore, our problems are not of our essence, but rather are demonstrations of discontinuity with the perfection within us. So, how then, if we are perfect expressions of love, do we have so much crap happening to us in life? Let me tell you how I think this happens.

No one in his right mind would deliberately mess up their own life. We would not consciously marry the wrong person, make ourselves ill, embark on the wrong career to make our living, or do the thousands of incorrect things that cause unhappiness in life. Many sages say that the difficulties we face in life are from karmic balancing and that overcoming thorny situations are learning experiences we must go through to achieve our potential, whatever that is. I also believe that we do learn from our mistakes and we do get stronger by overcoming life’s obstacles. However, is it necessary to make the same mistakes time after time and make our lives virtual hells? I do not think so.

It is the enemy within us is that makes our hell. Our hell is being created within us albeit we don’t know it is happening. We may set out to accomplish great things, achieve lofty goals and then fail repeatedly even though we think we have it all figured out and know how to make it work. Everything turns sour and we don’t know what happened.

Why is it that nothing turns out right for us? Why is it that no matter how hard we try, with the best intentions, and it still doesn’t work out? Could it be that something inside us is at the source of our failure and misery and we are not just victims of circumstance? It could be even though we don’t like to think about it.

So, who or what is the enemy within that we don’t even know we have? This inside adversary that apparently seeks to destroy us, no matter what we consciously desire. I believe the enemy is the negative forcing functions within our subconscious mind we have acquired and we don’t know they are there. These negative forcing functions are negative energy generators, which install and support harmful programs within our subconscious computer and make us unhappy and sick. These energy generators are in our subconscious mind and they continuously sabotage our success. What are they and where do they come from?

“Bad things” that happened to us in: this life, past lives, harmful biological carryovers from our ancestors, unresolved internal conflicts or attached foreign energies cause negative forcing functions. These negative energy generators cause our unhappiness. Whenever we are unhappy, the flow of Chi life force energy flowing through our bodies is blocked and we can get sick in body and mind. When we are unhappy, we are negative and don’t enjoy life much… if at all. Unless we have a strong wish to continue living physically, our subconscious mind will not try very hard to keep us well. Unless we are positive about life, our subconscious mind will not provide the necessary energy essential to achieve our goals.

The will to physically live or die is at the root of our subconscious mind. Life or death is directly tied to the subconscious mind’s fundamental need to communicate and create. If this basic need is frustrated for any reason… the subconscious mind will kill the body. This seems like a dichotomy of the survival instinct and the death wish but it is merely a primitive reaction to the subconscious mind’s denied essential purpose.

The will to live drives the subconscious to heal the physical body when it is injured or sick, but the subconscious only does this because it wants to go on expressing its creative facility. If this creative expression is thwarted, and it is when we are unhappy, then the will to live reverses itself and becomes the will to die. If this happens, the subconscious may assertively destroy the body by making the person accident-prone or by declining to support the body against assaulting pathogens by turning off the immune system or having it attack the body as in Addison’s Disease where it destroys the adrenal cortex so that cortisol, which protects the body against stress, is not produced.

If you are unhappy and have no positive dreams for your life that is tantamount to rejecting life and you will die. Subconscious mind will see to it. It won’t keep you around if you really don’t want to be here. Subconscious Mind directly mirrors our will to live. If you don’t like life and are continuously unhappy, subconscious mind will see to it that you don’t have to live very long. A healthy body and mind reflect your High Self (our connection to divinity) and since health is supposed to be our natural condition … healing is, simply put, a restoring to our natural healthy condition.

The subconscious mind is an analog parallel processing supercomputer and like a computer, it has no ability for rational thinking or logical analysis. A computer operates on the programs within it and it simply does what the programming tells it to do. It cannot do otherwise. This programming determines our behavior, how we feel and how we respond to life. If there are harmful programs in the subconscious computer, put there by negative forcing functions, they will sabotage our quest for happiness, and we will be unhappy. If we are unhappy, we are in trouble. That is how it works.

I am not saying that we deliberately and consciously cause our problems. I am saying that the source of our problems is within us. The problem sources are the enemy. We have the responsibility to find this enemy and get rid of it if we want to positively change our lives. Since most of us cannot get outside of our consciousness to find and release these enemy programs, we must get outside help… but we must initiate it. There is no one else who will do it for us.

So, how do we rid ourselves of the programs that sabotage our lives and replace them with life enhancing programs that express the divinity within us? The answer is obvious. We must find the negative energy generators supporting the harmful programs… shut them off and replace the bad programs with good programs

The negative forcing functions can be found using hypnosis and their energy released. If foreign energies are attached, they must first be removed or you cannot get to the person’s own problem sources. After you release all the negative forcing functions, the body’s energy field is normalized and physical illness is healed by the restored Chi flow to the body’s cell communities.

Once the negative forcing functions are gone, they can no longer support the harmful programs they created in your subconscious computer and therefore new positive programs can be installed and imbedded under hypnosis thereby changing behavior and response to life positively. This is permanent healing.

You are here on this earth to experience a wonderful life of growth. You have as much right to happiness, joy, love and prosperity as any other person in the world. You are a very important and vital part of God’s creation and you are here because you are very special. You came from the same Creator that every other person came from, and you are here for a purpose. You can find your purpose by simply discovering what you love to do.

You don’t need to measure up to anyone else’s expectations of you. You are not on this earth for the purpose of being what someone else expects you to be… you are you and you are unique…there is no one else just like you. You are fulfilling the Creator’s plan and purpose in your own individual way. You do not owe it to any other person or institution to be what they think you should be. Your main purpose is to be what you are… what you want to be.

To do this does not require that you be tormented and miserable. Life’s learning experiences can be hard, but once you learn them, go on with your life in a positive and fulfilling way. You do not need to make the same mistakes repeatedly.

The enemy can be defeated if you know how to fight. Get rid of the bad stuff within and let your light shine!

Inspired by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI, MCCHt

Thank you for visiting our blog.  We pray something today has inspired you to continue seeking that which is good always in Jesus name.  God continue to bless you and keep you in His love and care…

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