Keeping it Holy even after saying “I Do”


Many marriages are built on the foundation of lust which leads to the gateway of sin.  What God created to be a holy union, Satan has corrupted it to be a den of sin and even though you are married does not give you free will to do such acts such as defying the body of your spouse.  Over the course of many years, lustful acts of sexual conduct have raided homes.  As Christians it is our duty to uphold the standards of purity in and out of the bedroom.  Such acts as bondage, domination, incorporating toys and positions like the infamous sixty-nine are all corruptible attributes of Satan

Many will say ‘what I do in the bedroom is my business,’ and for this matter you are correct, but, is it acceptable unto God?  This subject has led to many arguments between Christians, but the bottom line is ‘do not defile the body.’  Lust is lust and love is love and the two cannot co-exist

Lust is not love in any sense of the word. Love is giving to another in spite of how you feel; lust is taking from someone or using another person, with no commitment. It’s the highest form of selfishness, always wanting to satisfy one’s own desires.  A person who lusts continually looks for someone to fulfill their requirements. Many of times they will define their search for someone who fits their criteria such as in looks, pretty or handsome, smart, rich, popular, etc. Lust is a relationship of: how can you please me; what can you give me or do for me. It’s a one-sided relationship on their terms where the person with lustful spirits is always in control

It is Satan’s job to turn everything good of God into something horrible and our bedrooms are not off-limits to him.  In order for marriages to remain holy, we must include God in all things.  We’re not saying to ask God to be in our beds, but what we are saying is to ask God to suppress, take away lustful thoughts of indecency that the enemy brings to our minds.  And, with this also we must refrain from watching certain television shows and movies which have explicit sexual scenes.  Let your mind be clear of any corruption and when we are confronted with any indecent thoughts, pray earnestly to the Father

An email received from a young man who recently was married. He stated that his spouse wanted him to perform an act in which he was not accustomed to and that if he loved her, he would do what he could to satisfy her.  The young man was horrified.  Nevertheless, their honeymoon ended abruptly and now they are in counseling to discuss these issues.  Counseling before marriage is important, especially in today’s society.  Counseling provides the opportunity to discuss such issues to be clear of what each party is expecting in a marriage and this includes the bedroom as well

‘Try it out before you buy it’ the term society uses in regards to living together to discover if two people are compatible.  Another sinful attribute derived from Satan.  God did not intend for us to try it out, but rely on His direction in every aspect of our lives.  There are so many deceitful ways conjured by the enemy.  We must be prayed up and living our lives according to God’s Word to recognize these tricks

Seek God and His Will for your marriage. God will bless it if you allow Him to.  Keep the bedroom undefiled and holy while being aware of lustful thoughts that could creep into the bedroom if you are not careful

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