“Help! I’m a Christian. How Can I Save my Marriage?”

unhappy-couple-in-bed-pfThese words are so common today that it’s terrifying.  God did not plan for a man and a woman to join together as one to end up breaking apart.  So what does a Christian do when faced with divorce?  How can a marriage on the brink of destruction be saved?

The very first thing to examine in any marriage on the brink of divorce is:


God must be first in any relationship.  When couples begin to place God in the rear of their relationship, this opens the door for the enemy to begin penetrating and planting his seeds of problems


Prayer must be continual.  It is a couples direct connection for guidance and help.  Without this spiritual connection, the spirit man will begin to fade and the carnal man will begin to thrive on the lusts of the world instead of the ways of the Lord

Third: Sacrificing

Jesus told His disciples that somethings are overcome by prayer and fasting.  As a couple, fast together; denying the flesh the pleasures of food and water is a sacrifice unto the Lord.  It will also aid in crucifying the carnal man’s desires and help you understand more  clearly the path God wants you to follow concerning your life

Fourth: Talking to Each Other

This point is very crucial.  Sit down with each other and discuss the issues at hand.  Don’t talk at each other, but talk to each other. Listen to what your partner has to say.  Keep an open mind and don’t be argumentative.  Be ready with a sound response.  Pray while your partner is speaking asking God to word your mouth while opening your ears and heart to truly understand the situation

Fifth: Remember what Attracted You to Your Partner

One of the most remembered things my First Lady told my sister when she married was when you begin to get annoyed with your husband and think that you want to throw in the towel, get out your wedding video and watch it.  We must remember what attracted us to our partner and grab hold of that

As with anything in life, our journey with each other is a constant walk.  We may stumble and even fall, but as long as God is part of that journey, He will always be there to pick you up and dust you off.  Divorce is not of God, but of the enemy.  Don’t give the enemy no satisfaction when it comes to your life, but strive to always give God the glory through your life

God Bless You!

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