Night Before the Rapture………

raptureMy friend and I were watching TV when someone knocked on our door.  Mariann got up from the couch, went to the door and peeped through the peep-hole.  “It’s a man” she stated.  “A man; anybody we know?” I asked.  “I don’t think so.”  I got up from the couch and went to the window and peeped out to see if he was a salesman.  Mariann opened the door after I nodded he didn’t look like a salesman


As the door opened, the man was smiling and wanted to know if either of us knew Jesus.  Mariann replied, “I don’t know a Jesus, maybe you have the wrong house.”  The man chuckled a little and said, “No my dear child, Jesus is the Savior of the world, the one who wants to save your soul from eternal separation from the God!”  Mariann looked at me and then back at the man and said, “Well, I don’t know him either.”


“May I come in to discuss the benefits of what Jesus has in store for those who accept His invitation?”  I immediately said yes, but Mariann looked at me nodding her head no


“Thank you!” the man said as he stepped inside our home.  “Please have a seat on the couch” I said motioning him to the couch.  “May I offer you something to drink?”  “No, that’s not necessary” he replied.  “My main reason for being here tonight with the both of you is to offer you the invitation to accept Jesus and His plan for your life.”


Over the course of an hour, we sat listening to this man as he explained God’s plan for our lives and the consequences of not accepting the invitation.  Finally, he asked us if we would like to be saved from eternal separation from God in the dreaded lake of fire.  Mariann laughed and stated to the man that all this heaven and hell was a big joke played on stupid people by preachers and priests all over the world.  The man looked at Mariann and stated that this is no joke, but real and to open her heart and mind to accept the invitation


While Mariann was shaking her head, the man focused his attention to me.  “Well my child, what is your decision?” he asked.  I thought about what Mariann said and to be honest, it sounded like a joke to me as well.  I couldn’t understand how a loving God could want anyone to burn forever.  As I thought on these things, the man said, “Don’t be fooled by Satan.  He wants you to doubt that a loving God would send you to the lake of fire, but the reality of all of this is real and tonight, a choice must be made.  You must choose whether to accept the invitation or to deny it.  God will not force anyone to love Him.”


I decided to accept the invitation and beckoned Mariann to accept it with me.  She reluctantly agreed.  The man had us to get on our knees and pray a prayer to the Lord asking Him for forgiveness of all our sins and to come into our hearts


As I prayed, I became very sorrowful as my life began to flash before me in my mind and I said within my heart that if Jesus would save me I would do my best to live for Him everyday


After we prayed, the man got up and walked to the door.  He turned around and said, “I’m so glad that you decided to accept the invitation.  God be with you.”  He opened the door and walked out


Mariann began to laugh hysterically and said, “That old man was crazy!”


I on the other hand continued to meditate on what had happened and I really liked the feeling I was experiencing.  I felt brand new and a sense of freedom swept over me.  Jesus had really forgiven me and I was so grateful


Later that night……………


“Sarah! Sarah! Where are you?  What’s happening!?  Sarah, answer me!  Where are you?  Suddenly, there came a knock on the door.  MaryAnn runs to the door and opens it.  “We’re doomed, they left us, and they left us!” the woman began screaming.  “My husband is gone; the news is reporting millions of people have just vanished.  They’re gone with Him, they are gone with Him!”  “With who, who are they gone with?” I asked frantically.  “Jesus, they’re gone with Jesus!”  Jesus I thought.  How could this be?  It was all a joke.  This isn’t real!  But, then I began to think about all the things that man said and his words were even clearer than they were before.  “Don’t be fooled by Satan.  He wants you to doubt that a loving God would send you to the lake of fire, but the reality of all of this is real and tonight, a choice must be made.  You must choose whether to accept the invitation or to deny it.  God will not force anyone to love Him.”  I had decided to deny the invitation and Sarah accepted it and now she’s with Him; Jesus.  Why didn’t I listen?  Why did I laugh and doubt?  Oh God, why didn’t I listen?


Although this story is fictitious, the invitation is real and it’s still available to you if you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart.  Will you accept Him today and begin living the blessed life He has in store for you?  All it takes is for you to ask Jesus to forgive you for all your sins and then begin living according to His word (the bible) while waiting on the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t be like Mariann, this is no joke and eternal separation from the Lord in the Lake of Fire is definitely no joke!

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