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40_Weapons_To_De_4cee66b84420c-250One of the most unique relationships in life is that of a Father with his children. Dads tend to be tough on the outside but are almost always tender on the inside when it comes to their kids. Dads ache when their children ache, they feel a sense of pride when their children excel and will do anything in their power to help their kids accomplish what they want to accomplish

I realize that some Fathers are not this way. Some fathers see their children as an inconvenience.  Some are more harsh than soft. I know some people feel they have worked hard all their life but cannot do anything to please their dads.  I know those people exist, but they really are the exception rather than the rule

I draw your attention to the relationship that a Father has with his children because the title of Jesus that we are examining is the title, “Everlasting Father”.  And in this title we see the compassion and love of our Savior

It is easy to get sidetracked when we talk about Jesus as the “everlasting father”. How can the Son be the Father? As soon as you ask that question you step into the minefield that we like to call the doctrine of the Trinity. Scripture affirms that there is one God who is manifest in three distinct and separate “persons” or personalities: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Spirit and the Spirit is not the Father. But they are all one God!

Jesus is not called Everlasting Father because there is confusion about the nature of God the Father and God the Son. Jesus is called the everlasting Father because of His father-like qualities.  He is still God the Son, but His love and grace is like that of a Father with his children

Let’s take a look at 3 qualities Jesus displays on being our ‘Everlasting Father’

1. He has given us life

2. He provides for us

3.  He care about us

The Bible tells us that the Savior loved us before the creation of the earth.  In fact, it was His love for us that brought Him to earth and led Him to the cross.  He loved us in spite of what we had done. His commitment to us is sure.

You may feel that you deserve for God to cast you away. You may be so ashamed of what you have done that you wonder if He could ever love you again. He can.  He has never stopped loving you. Turn from your sin and like the Prodigal son . . .return to the One who has been waiting with open arms

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