The Fish and the Fisherman | Blessed Magazine

fisherman_1256385One day while sitting in church, I asked the Lord, “Why haven’t I been blessed with the Holy Ghost?”  As soon as I thought it in my spirit, God answered me with this:

You’re like a fish on my hook, but you keep fighting me because you are afraid of dying, but dying is the beginning of living

After receiving this within my spirit, I carefully thought on the words and the scenario in which the Lord gave me.  I didn’t realize that I was fighting the Lord with my will.  I hadn’t completely surrendered my all to Him.  My devotion was that of writing poems, stories to compel others to get to know Him, but my life was not lining up to the requirements

I’m a good speaker.  I believe I have the gift of teaching, but where will all of that get me if I don’t ultimately know the Lord in an intimate way.  I have to die so that Jesus can live within me

We are the fish and Jesus is the fisherman

Just as the Lord revealed to me that I was fighting for my will instead of surrendering to His, this may be you

The sea we are swimming in is sin and Jesus has baited His hook with love and wants us to bite.  The transformation may seem as though we are giving up our life, but He wants to reassure us that we are not giving up our life, but inheriting a brand new one through Him!

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