How to Build Your Spirit Man!

feed-your-spiritYour spirit man is the man on the inside  it’s the real man, the real you. So when people look at you, they don’t see the real you. They see the house you live in. It’s important that you build up your physical body and develop your mind, but it’s also important to build up your spirit man. You build up your spirit man the same way you build up your physical man  through discipline

I’ve noticed something in my nearly forty years in the ministry. In general, the person who disciplines himself by keeping his natural body in shape has fewer problems keeping his spiritual man in shape.

That’s because it takes the same kind of discipline to build up the spiritual man that it takes to build up the natural man. In other words, you don’t always want to get out of bed and read the Word! You don’t always want to pray sometimes you have to make your-self pray.

I know you face these challenges, because you’re human just like I am, and I don’t always want to pray! Sometimes I have to tell myself, You are going to pray.

But, thank God, there are some steps we can take to build up the spirit man. The first step we need to take is meditating upon the Word. I’m not talking about grabbing a Bible and quickly reading a Psalm or a verse from Proverbs. On the other hand, I’m not talking about reading a whole chapter or whole book of the Bible, either.

You see, the way you feed your spirit is by feeding your intellect  by renewing your mind with the Word of God. The Word gets into your spirit through your mind. Many people think you can acquire spiritual knowledge without it coming through the intellect. But our mind has to understand to some degree the words you read in the Bible. Then you can take a verse of Scripture and begin to meditate on it.

We know that meditation in God’s Word is one way to build up and  strengthen our spirit. Using wisdom is another step we can take to build up our spirit man. It’s important that we use wisdom in all the affairs of life. But actually, a person can’t exercise wisdom if he doesn’t first meditate in God’s Word.

When you begin to meditate upon God’s Word, you’ll grow in wisdom, godly character, love, and all the characteristics you need to become a success in life. If you’re going to become successful in life, you will have to meditate upon the Word of God and use wisdom.

Wisdom won’t allow you to just jump up and run after every opportunity that comes your way. You need wisdom to know when to move and when not to move. When you use wisdom, you won’t make a hasty decision.

God wants you to be a success both in the natural and the spiritual. And building up your spirit man is a key to your success. When you begin to meditate upon the Word of God and use wisdom in all the affairs of life, you will be on the road to well-balanced success!

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