Sinners Wanted

Sinners-WantedGod sent His Son, Jesus to die for you a long time ago and His Son, Jesus died without regret, but in fact was very willing.  Jesus loved you so much that He endured the scourging all night (that’s being beat).  He endured being slapped, talked about and laughed at.  He endured having crooked nails nailed into his hands and because they did not have enough nails for both of His feet, they placed one foot on top of the other and drove it through

God loved you so much that He did not rescue His Son, but because of the love He had, He allowed His Son, Jesus to go through the agony and pain

Like me, you have a debt to pay for sin and that debt has been paid by the blood shed for you on Calvary by the Almighty God’s Son, Jesus and today, if you are reading this, He is ready to welcome you into His world.  A world of peace, joy and love like you’ve never experienced.  All you have to say is ‘Yes’ to His way of life which is to love Him and His people

If you are ready, please pray this prayer believing in your heart that only Jesus can save you and that it was He who took your place on Calvary:


If you prayed this prayer believing that Jesus saved you, then we want to be the first to welcome you into the family of God.  We encourage you to find a good church, attend bible study to learn of the Lord and for daily inspirations join our blessed community of Believers on Facebook

You’ve made the first step, the angels in heaven are rejoicing……..but, most of all, Jesus is happy and waiting to do so much with you and for you!

God bless you today!!!


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