To Catch a Sinner

fishers_of_menThey say to catch a thief you must think like one; conversely, to catch a sinner we must also think like one. Most of us Christians forget how hard it is to first believe. If you were a non-believer what would bring you closer?


You and I often have problems in knowing what we think we know, or truly believe. Sometimes we all need a good or bad jolt, something to turn us around, to help in our unbelief.


God made us the same, the sinner and righteous man, in that we learn best from past mistakes or falls from our safe perches.


It is said we need significant happenings periodically to make us change our minds or operational guidelines; however great or shallow those guidelines are, we reportedly made them or decided on them at around 18-years old. What we did or did not know then, or even now is a rather nebulous point.


What have we done since first believing?


How much did we flounder?


Who helped us?


God chose us all, but how many seeds were planted before we allowed them to germinate within?


What is the sinner missing, or the righteous person who keeps on sinning?


How can we know what we need if we never had it, or worse yet lost it while it was in our grasp due to unbelief?


This is supposed to be where our job as a strong Christian begins, spreading the good news. But alas, what is good news to a banker is not necessarily good news to a beggar. It creates a paradox for an effective ministry doesn’t it?!  One might conclude the need of a double-barrel effort to kill the elusive fly, knowing he remains alive and well after we used a single-barrel attack previously.  We all occasionally need significant, double-barreled, happenings in our life!


Sometimes we will accept testimony from honest folk such as ourselves, sometimes we won’t. This is true for those on the edge, and I believe persons in complete despair. However, I believe they and we might always accept a strong testimony at the right time in the right place. That is if it is strong enough; only certain ones will get through thick skin of a stiff-necked sinner.


Some of us need sloppy gushy testimonies, others need to hear of people escaping from the sure gripe of terror.  We often hear  guts-to-glory tales, sounding as though a braggart were speaking rather than an evangelist, they accomplish very little. Let’s not talk about reinventing a broken wheel.


Can we be saved from the pulpit, yes but unfortunately not often; we must have a certain interest in Christianity to even come into church? The ones who will not come to church, or were driven away by significant happenings often have the opposite reaction; these are the ones that I feel a special burden for.  For there but for the grace of God go I, and even occasionally now, and most probably you if you can accept it.


We are all right much a product of the problems that we accept as real, no matter if we have a poorly conceived notion of what is real or not. We are a nation of plenty, held in check because we lost our first love; we are stuffed aplenty in sight of the forgotten millions of lost souls.  We send out missionaries to the furthermost places on earth, unfortunately, we overlook: those who are nearest, those who are not interested in what we have to offer; those who are unreachable to our out-reach programs; and those who already know but just need a friendly push — the lost sheep Jesus speaks of.


Too often we expect it to happen by osmosis, we never reach out beyond our hallowed doors, we are too caught up in our own needs, or ministries, or unbeliefs, or weaknesses. We go to church professing, but God doesn’t want lip service while our minds dwell on what could have been.


What has happened to our brothers and sisters whom we once loved in good Christian fellowship?  Are they lost as though never found?  Or, are they only like we sometimes feel inside… only they went away while we give lip service?  Who then needs help?


We are all a moving target… we have met the enemy and it is us, is it not?


Some of us speak out while others quietly witness through a secure life.


Some of us secretly place tracts in certain locations, sneaking so as not to be seen, as though a spy rather than a son of God.


Of course God sees our effort and often it does not matter how we minister, for only God is the grower of seeds planted in the past; but, sometimes it is time for God to cause the seed to grow, I believe now is such a time!


Much like the days of Christ, today’s common man reads very little. Although most of us are interested in exciting events, we read little and are inundated for what little attention we are willing to give.


Like I said in the beginning, sometimes you have to think sinner to catch one… hit ’em while they’re down, with what they need to get up! That’s what we and they need; in doing so we may be planting a Kudzu vine of love with rewards of great price; not bible thumping sermons, but suspenseful unforgettable, intriguing, current event miracles! Thereby, planting seeds which no other could accomplish!


Too many times we say tomorrow we shall do this and that; but sorrowfully we all grow older and time covers up the pathways to our good intentions. Henry Ford once said, “Don’t tell me of what you are going to do, tell me of what you are doing!” I believe we have all been remiss in our ways, and God awaits for us to move the mountains of sinful natures that clogs our society. Under the anointing of God we all have felt success, and unfortunately  failures when not anointed by God; but ah, what does God have in store for each of us to do for others if we ask?  “What can I do for You today Lord.  Please place someone who needs You in my path. Then place in my mouth Your words that I may tell my story in love, that such words may bless them into finding a deeper walk with You.  Yet, not I but you oh Lord have the power to save.


Use me this day, I pray, as a tool with a handle, pushing into the hardened soil of a broken soul, that finally… new life may begin.”

Inspired by Robbie L. Rogers

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