How Do You See God?

seeing godFar too many times, sincere followers of Christ are seeing their heavenly Father in a terrible, and twisted way. Satan has many believing that their cancer is something that God’s given them so that they can become a better person. Yet when you look at the fruit of cancer, the fruit is hospital bills, dangerous treatment, and ultimately the grave! Besides, cancer is known to be a spiritually rooted disease, and involves infirmity spirits (demons). Why on earth would a loving and caring Father, give His child an evil spirit to make them a better person? Do you see the terrible picture that is painted of God when we think this way… all due to lack of knowledge on our behalf? Just because your prayer for healing doesn’t work, does not mean that it’s God’s will… there are a lot of factors that can be involved in the healing process. Many times, there are spiritual roots to sicknesses and diseases, other times there’s faith required, and if Jesus told His own disciples that they lacked faith, then how much more does the average Christian today!

The truth is that there are a lot of things which take place on this earth which are not the will of God. Just because something happens here on earth, does not mean that it was God’s will that it happened that way. If it were, then it means that every time a woman is raped, or a child is molested, or a father is murdered… then it would have to be the will of God. That kind of thinking is absolutely absurd! If God willed such things, it would make Him out to be a terrible god who has no love in his heart! The Bible tells us to pray that God’s will will take place here on earth, as it does in heaven

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:9-10

What happens in heaven? Is there sickness, disease, and poverty in heaven? Then what makes us think that those things are God’s will here on earth then? One of the biggest keys to Christian faith, is to get it down into your spirit that God truly loves and cares for you. I believe that God’s Word makes it clear that unless we know the height and depth of the love of God, we cannot be filled with His fullness

Trust God with all your heart.  Disspell all thoughts of negativity of God.  Read God’s word and learn of Him.  Whenever you are in doubt; consult Him. And, never, ever give a second thought to anything the enemy has to say about God

Inspired by Great Bible Study

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