Is it Necessary to Pray on our Knees?

woman_prayingThat at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth – Philippians 2:10

The question was asked, if it is absolutely necessary to pray on our knees?  The answer is ‘NO’

The scripture taken from Philippians 2:10 was illustrating that everyone will soon come to give reference and honor to Jesus recognizing that He is the TRUE SON of GOD!

Praying is an individual act

You may feel the urge to pray while driving.  Maybe while at work in a meeting with your boss.  No where in the bible does it say when we pray we must get on our knees.  Jesus does not mean that we should always have our knees bent and eyes closed in prayer; but we must always be in the spirit of prayer.  Many law enforcement officers always carry a gun with them, even when off duty.  There is a sense in which they are never “off duty,” but always have a weapon nearby.  We are to keep our weapon of prayer always near, knowing that we are never “off duty” as Christians

However, let me point out one very important fact about praying on our knees.  When we pray on our knees, we are simply humbling ourselves before the throne of mercy (at the feet of Jesus) as I like to reference it.  We must possess the spirit of a little child and praying on our knees humbles our spirit like a child

Remember, Jesus knows everything about you and understands that you are not able to always bow before Him in prayer, but there is no excuse not to pray to Him whenever you can!

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