“Please Look After My Eyes!!!”

watery-eyesMany times in life we are granted blessings which enable us to do what we desire to do, but at someone else’s expense or giving.  Are we like most and take it for granted or do we truly appreciate the gift that is bestowed upon us?  This tale has been told by many, I’m sure, but today, let’s take a look at our lives and see the beauty of each blessing and apply it to the lives of others and not just ourselves!

“Please Look After My Eyes!!!”


She hated herself. Others say so many things. They described many things as beautiful. They told about beautiful flowers. They told that leaves are pretty green; fruits are yellow and red; lilies are pure white; and so many stories about the wonderful things on the earth. But she could not understand anything and enjoy them. She hated those who told that they could see. She hated herself. She was blind.

She hated everyone except her lover. He was always there for her. He told sweet words in her ears. He was her confidence. He always told her that one day she will be alright and can enjoy the beauty of the world. She loved him very much. In his presence she was very happy.

She told him that she wanted to marry him. He told her that he too loved her very much and wanted to marry her. But she thought without sight she cannot enjoy life. So she told him that she would marry him only if she got eyesight which he was telling her that she would get some day.

After this talk, he was encouraging her more and more that she would get her eyesight and he would be able to marry her.

After a few days someone donated a pair of eyes to the blind girl so that she could see everything, including her lover who was always encouraging her.

Her lover asked her, “Since you can see the world now, will you marry me?”
The girl was shocked to find that her lover was blind. She refused to marry him.
Tears rolled down from her lover. He walked away slowly saying, “Please look after at least MY EYES!”

Inspired by Faith Writers

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