There’s More to You Than You Think

dicover-bannerNYou are a being of many dimensions. Dimensions of mind and thought, feelings that come and go with each breath, with each beat of your heart! A body filled with life filled with the difference between existence and emptiness. A physical being merged with Spirit that creates the truth of the seemingly impossible concept of this cohabitation.

And yet here you are alive with a gift so precious, the one truly important prerequisite to experiencing the world and what it has to offer. Life offers you this world and so much more, life offers you a chance to know life. The real you, the infinite residing in the finite, what an opportunity to understand and appreciate who you really are! Belief systems tell you that this may be your one and only chance and others that this life is just the first step on a longer journey.

It doesn’t matter if you have an infinite number of chances to make the most of this life if you never take them. The world of mind with its logic and illogical feelings and emotions can trap you in a web of complexity that doesn’t really exist. The mind can never understand the heart, the real you cannot be analyzed or put under a microscope. With no point of reference the mind would be baffled at what it sees. All the mind needs to know is that heart exists; with this simple awareness an amazing transformation can take place. Questioning your sense of self as something that may exist beyond mind can start to transform into an awareness of more.

A deeper understanding exists that goes beyond mind and thought, a primordial sense that has been encoded into our DNA but is camouflaged by the mind with all its conditioning and unneeded complexity. The ironic thing is the mind is the potential doorway to something beyond itself, and it is also the padlock that stops true understanding of the self. This amazing contradiction is similar to that of the infinite existing within the finite.

Life is a beautiful contradiction where thought mingles with form influenced by mind yet at the whim of something far more powerful. The key is to accept that mind may never make sense of it and the more we understand the more we realize we don’t know. The mind doesn’t like such contradictions yet this is the very nature of existence and the mind itself.

To speak the words of the mind, live in the world of its creation and form yet to perceive beyond these things as the awareness behind the understanding of the awareness that can set you free to explore your true nature and not be bound by conditioning. Truth is not just a concept of mind it is the ultimate reality of the spirit of the life within all things. Formless, ageless, separate, yet part of the ocean like a drop of rain that keeps its identity in a huge ocean; this is the beautiful contradiction of life.

Life may type the words on this keyboard and speak through the mouth of billions yet it is one voice expressing itself through limitless perspectives. If this sounds like nonsense to you then it doesn’t really matter and should be dismissed, but if something deep inside says it feels right even though you can make no sense of it, it means it is fulfilling its purpose for you. Not to deliberately confuse but to open a door

Inspired by Coby Zvikler’s

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