Blessing or Temptation?

Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgroBlessing or Temptation?
A man at a gas station pulled up to a pump and after getting out, he noticed that the pump read: Begin Fueling. He had two thoughts; pump the gas or alert the cashier. He decided to alert the cashier who asked him; …”Are you sure you didn’t use your credit card? It is authorized for $50″ The man answered no.  The cashier cleared the transaction and the man paid for his gas and walked back to the pump
Later that day, the man shared his story with some of his friends who had mixed emotions about the ordeal. Some felt he should have pumped the gas and viewed this as a blessing, while the others said he did right by alerting the cashier because they felt this was a temptation which would lead to someone being hurt (the credit card holder)
So was this a blessing or a temptation?
Blessings are things that are meant for you without harming others in the process, while temptations are meant to be viewed as blessings, but in the end someone gets hurt in the process

Agree or Disagree……….

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