I Want to Get Married…Now!!!

Many individuals struggle with the desire to be married.  Some rush into marriage only to discover that the choice they made was a terrible one; while others on the other hand desire to wait for God to send them Mr. or Miss Right

Marriage is a wonderful thing and if done right can mean a life-time of happiness and contentment

When God created Adam, He noticed that Adam was alone and decided to create a woman (help-mate) for him (Genesis 2:22).  God wants us to be happy and believe it or not, happiness can be found living a single life just as it can be found being married

Many have stated, “I’m waiting on God to send me my spouse’.  Is this really an accurate statement to make in regards to marriage?  Are we to wait and wait until God sends us the ‘Right’ person to fulfill our dreams of marital bliss?

etsy-wedding-registrySome may argue and dismiss this theory and that is quite okay, we are not here to instruct you on how to get married only pointing out the facts as we see them

So does God want us to wait on His decision? Probably not. Certainly, God has been direct and specific in this area before and He can do it again. But there is danger in using your heart like a compass, pointing it toward this fella and that fella and hoping that God gives you a signal to start marching down the aisle. It is wise to seek God’s input as you look for a spouse, but as you do here are three things to keep in mind:

Feelings aren’t facts. When it comes to love and marriage, feelings aren’t the best barometer for God’s will. In the biblical accounts where God reveals a specific spouse, there is always something bigger than feelings used as a confirmation. Abraham’s servant prayed for a sign and saw it. Hosea heard directly from the Lord. Joseph was visited by an angel in a dream. If you feel like God is directing you toward a specific person to marry, ask for confirmation that goes beyond a “gut feeling.”

Stay tethered to the Word. The Lord gave Hosea some very strange instructions for finding a wife. When the LORD began to speak through Hosea, the LORD said to him, “Go, marry a promiscuous woman and have children with her, for like an adulterous wife this land is guilty of unfaithfulness to the LORD” (Hos. 1:2).

I tell you that because it’s the exception to what I am going to write next. (And it was more about the bigger picture in the nation of Israel than it was about Gomer and Hosea’s union.)

If you want to know whom God wants you to marry, study God’s Word. There are many places in Scripture where God gives us guidelines for the kind of guy we should “yoke” our lives to. Rather than treating the will of God like a magic eight ball and hoping to hear a “yes,” “no,” or “reply hazy try again,” listen to God’s voice by reading what He has already spoken.

Stay surrendered. If you will marry, when you will marry, and whom you will marry are big questions. The answers are even more significant. Instead of desiring God to make things easy on you and simply give you the name of a future groom and a chapel reservation, it is much wiser to stay surrendered to the Lord in this area.

Seek His will as a single gal. Seek His will as an engaged gal. Seek His will as a married gal. Don’t assume that once you become a Mrs. the hard work is done. The goal is not to find a guy and get hitched. The goal is to live surrendered to the will of God and committed to His agenda in all seasons.

Inspired in part by Erin Davis

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