Jesus Wants You to be Happy!

59581_399408093484811_832823646_nGod is not a sad God!–He’s a happy God, Who wants you to be happy too! The Bible says, “Happy is the people whose God is the Lord!” (Psa.144:15) This is the whole point of Salvation, to relieve us of the suffering, pain, death & tears brought into the World by the Enemy & the sins of Man!

God is not a monster who’s trying to deny you everything & make you miserable, but He loves life & created it all for you to enjoy! He has made this beautiful World as a home for you to live in & enjoy, & He has lovingly given you a wonderful body, mind & heart with which to enjoy it!

In fact, He sometimes almost spoils us with such blessings that He gives us the desires of our hearts for having delighted ourselves in Him! (Psa.37:4) But God’s pretty smart & He knows that the happier we are, the more we’ll love Him & the more obedient we’ll be out of pure love, & so do an even better job for Him in serving others with whom He wants us to share His Love!

He wants to make you happy with His Love, & help you to make others happy, too–with both His Love & your love! This is our main purpose in life, to love God & enjoy Him forever, & to try to help others to do the same!


Inspired by Let Jesus Help You (copyright, 2012)

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