Once Upon a Time

ouat11Once upon a time, my life was in turmoil.  I was stressed, a complete mess, but one day I heard the Word of God.  My life didn’t change immediately, but what did change was my attitude.  My life was still a mess because it would take some time with the assistance of God  to clean it up.  With my new-found attitude, God blessed me to have joy and peace in my life.  He quieted my spirit through His Word.  You too can have this joy and peace in midst of whatever you may be going through.  All you have to do is surrender completely like I did.  Once you surrender to God’s will, He will immediately begin working on your behalf to clean up the mess you made and guess what, He will do it with a smile on His face because that’s the kind of God He is.  He takes pleasure in redeeming and restoring His people.  He takes great pleasure in molding and shaping you into someone very special in His eyes.  He did it for me and I am 100% positive that He can do it for you.  There is nothing too hard for Him and He has seen and heard everything, so if you think that what you have done in your life is too horrible, think again.  He gave His precious 10 commandments to a murderer.  He saved a harlot from destruction.  You can tell God anything and He will listen.  Don’t wait another moment, do it right now because God has such amazing plans in store for you

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