Have You Felt God’s Tears?

imagesMany of the Minor Prophets were given tasks to speak to God’s people about their many deeds against Him, but first God had to take them to a place where He could demonstrate how He felt.  Each Prophet had to understand the heart of God to effectively speak to God’s people

Today, God uses ministers, preachers and missionaries to deliver that same message to His people.  It’s very unfortunate that for centuries, God has to deal with this same dilemma over and over

Have you ever thought about how God feels?

When our children misbehave, we are disappointed and sometimes we are hurt because we love them so much and don’t understand why they do the things that they do.  We give them what they need and are there for them when they need us.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes at night I would cry because of the choices my children made.  As a parent, we feel for our children and only want the best for them

Just as parents feel and want the best for their children, God desires that for us as well, but time after time, we do things that grieve His heart and bring tears to His eyes

This was not the kind of world He imagined when He created it.  When He created man, it was because of love and all God ever wanted was for us to love Him back

Love created us and died for us and wants us to love as He loved us…….is that too much to ask?

Just imagine starting today, every time we do something that is against God’s will, God sheds a tear

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want God to shed a tear because of me unless they are happy tears……..

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