8 Ways to Walk in the Spirit

999488_10151821031628072_1242279456_nWalking in the Spirit, is living out of the Divine nature that God has given us. Here are 8 ways to help you along your spiritual journey!

1) Embrace Your Identity – Grab hold of who you are in Christ. Understand that you are a spirit, who has a soul and live in a body. The Bible says that we are children of God, meaning you have an eternal parent that cares for you, is on your side and cheering you on in righteousness

2) Deny Your Flesh – Yes, that’s it allow your spirit to say no to your flesh. Every time you do this, you are asserting spiritual dominion and letting your flesh know that God is in control. It may be difficult at first, but keep pressing into God’s power for breakthrough

3) Kingdom Thinking – Jesus tells us to “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven…and God’s righteousness.”  This means prioritize your thought-life around the Kingdom of God. Think about the things that God thinks about, concern your heart with the things God is concerned about and fashion your thought patterns after what Paul teaches in Philippians 4:8

4) Pray and Listen – Have you ever talked to someone who just dominated the conversation and never let you say one word? This is what it’s like when we pray ‘at’ God and do not take time to listen to Him. Think of prayer as Divine dialogue… listen just as much as you talk

5) Avoid Strife – Walking in the Spirit means walking in harmony with God and others. Guard your heart and tongue from bickering, bitterness and conflict. Learn to rest in Him and He will fight your battles. You need only to be still

6) Self Examination – Allow the word of God to examine you. Get real with yourself and put yourself on the altar of examination before God. This will help you remove the ‘weeds’ before they take root

7) Know Your Weakness – This is important and cannot be over looked. You must learn your weaknesses, because the truth is the enemy knows your weaknesses better than you do. Understanding this area and yielding them to the Holy Spirit will strengthen you and help you discern and avoid temptations and pressures

8) Remember Your Helper – The Holy Spirit is your best friend and your eternal mentor. Lean on Him and remember Jesus sent Him to walk along side you in your spiritual journey on Earth. Take your troubles to Him daily. Some days will be better than others, but He will be there to keep you on the path

Inspired by Beliefnet

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