God Wants to Be Our Best Friend

ICC1171DGod desires that we be as His friends. . .
When mankind commits to obeying all His commandments
He shall never call us as slaves but He shall call
us friends.
A friend is like a main person in our lives in which we can share everything with.  Just like our earthly best friend, God wants us to be His
friend forever.
Genesis 18:17
And the Lord said “Shall I hide from Abraham
what I am doing?
God did not hide anything from Abraham.
Abraham was a true friend of God’s
God Loves us unconditionally, He continually gives us every
Opportunity to be His friend, even though He is the
Creator of this universe. God wants us to be
in a relationship with Him
How great is His Love…He never leaves us that is
why Jesus Christ called us friends.

Inspired in part by Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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