Butterfly Wings

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Before a butterfly becomes a butterfly, it undergoes a transformation from egg to finish

It firsts begins as a small egg, half the size of a pea and is attached to a leaf where several eggs from the mature butterfly are laid

Second stage, it becomes a larva (caterpillar) where it will crawl for a period of time on tiny legs

Third stage, it embodies itself inside a cocoon (chrysalis) where it will undergo a transformation.  While inside this chrysalis, it may seem as though the caterpillar isn’t doing anything but resting, but in fact, a beautiful, magnificent metamorphosis is taking place

Final stage, once the transformation is concluded, a beautiful butterfly emerges and spreads it wings to explore the world all with a better view from the top

Our lives are like that of the butterfly…

Before we accept Christ into our lives, we move about as a caterpillar.  Scampering around going in slow motion, inch by inch, vulnerable to many attacks from the enemy….until……

We accept Christ into our lives.  When we accept Him, He wraps us in a cocoon where a divine transformation takes place.  Inside this cocoon, we are being molded, shaped and transformed into the beautiful butterfly we are supposed to be

Living as a caterpillar, we remain dormant in the life that the enemy has constructed for us.  He doesn’t want us to feel free to fly away from our sins, so he keeps us bond, crawling around in our vomit and stink, but not Jesus!

Jesus wants to free us from all of that and give us a new beginning, a new life in Him and if you are like me and others, you would want to be cocooned in the hands of Jesus, shaped, molded and transformed into a new beautiful butterfly with beautiful wings to fly away from our past life into our new life!

Do you want your beautiful wings today?

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Thank you for reading.  We encourage you today to seek that which is good and live a blessed life through Jesus Christ.  God Bless You today!

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