New Year Resolutions! Is God Involved???


We celebrated.  We cried.  We kissed each other and we vowed to make this year better than the last, but with all the new year resolutions, have we included God in our plans???

New Year Resolutions are great and some of us follow through, but what about the rest of us, like me, who fall short of our ‘Good Intentions’?

As with anything we do, we need to always include God in our plans.  I’m not stating to make vows unto God, just include Him in everything we do.

So, now the question is ‘HOW?’

How do we include God in our new year resolution plans?  Simple!

Pray, pray and pray…talk to God daily…tell Him what we plan to do…keep Him involved with the process.  When we get weary or feel as though things aren’t going as we planned, pray and talk to God.  Seek His wisdom and incorporate it into our lives.

Remember, what may seem impossible to us is definitely possible with God!

So I challenge you today….Include God in your new year resolution; you’ll be glad you did…

Inspired by Laraine Turner – Follow her on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions! Is God Involved???

  1. Your post is very true to point. We make resolutions only to not include God. I don’t make resolutions anymore, but instead, I just try to make the new year a little bit better than the previous. Thanks for posting

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