You Too Can Walk on Water…



Peter asked Jesus if he could come to Him after seeing Jesus walk on water.  Jesus told him yes and Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on water towards Jesus.  We know the story how after Peter began looking around at his circumstances instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus, he began to sink.

The task of walking on water is still available to us today, but we lack the main ingredient to do so….FAITH

Jesus told His disciples that they would be empowered to do greater works than what He had time to do in His life-span here on earth and that promise is still available to us today, but we must believe that we can do all things through Jesus…even walk on water (Philippians 4:13)

Our present circumstances interfere with our relationship with Jesus.

Whether it is bills, children, spouse, job or whatever, we tend to focus on the problems in our lives instead of focusing on the strength Jesus supplies us to deal with any circumstance

It’s human nature, but if we are to become solid Believers in the Word, we must daily apply the Word to our lives

Walking on water is no big task for Jesus and neither those that trust Him

You too can walk on water, but only through FAITH in Jesus!

Inspired by Sister Laraine Turner

Thank you for visiting our blog.  Remember to seek that which is good for your soul in Jesus name.  God Bless You!

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