Yes Lord, But…

butAs people of God, we sometimes like to take matters into our own hands and 99% of the time if not 100%, we end up making a mess out of situations.  I agree, it can be hard to say yes to everything that God requires us to do.

For example, if God were to tell you to quit your job and begin a street ministry which would bring in no steady pay check.  Our first thought would be, how am I going to live, pay my bills and eat? Could we honestly say yes to this request?

As people of God, we must always trust in God and the path that He wants to lead us down and trust that He knows what’s best for us in all situations.

He promised that He would never leave us, nor forsake us and I’m standing on that promise.  Are you?

Inspired by Laraine Turner

Thank you for visiting our blog.  Remember to seek that which is good always in Jesus name.  Stay encouraged and be blessed!  God Bless You!

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