Is Jesus Smiling?

imagesVWH38OVVJoan always got herself in trouble.  Whether she was at school, home or even in church, no matter what she did, she was in trouble.  It wasn’t as if people targeted her, but she deliberately got into fights with her peers at school, her siblings at home and even talked back to those who had authority.  Her Parents tried everything to discipline her, but to no avail.  The more they disciplined her, the worst she became.  One day while attending church, the Minister taught this sermon: ‘Do you desire to make Jesus smile?’  Joan thought to herself, “Does Jesus smile at me?”  A dramatic change took place in Joan’s life that day and from that moment in church, she desired to make Jesus smile everyday.  Everyone around her could see this change.  Her peers at school.  Her siblings at home and even her Parents and those who had authority over her.  Joan began living a more productive life all because she wanted to place a smile on the face of Jesus!

With our everyday lives, do we strive to make Jesus smile?  Does He frown or shake His head at some of the decisions we make throughout life?

The bible states in Psalms 37:4 – “Delight thyself in the Lord“.  When we make Jesus the focus of our lives, we seek out ways to please Him and in pleasing Him, we place a smile on His face

Can you imagine what God sees on a daily basis?  Corruption is ever growing in this world.  He sees people murdering each other.  Women being beaten and raped.  Children being abused and neglected.  People stealing and robbing each other.  Greed for power and money on the rise.  The list goes on and if you could imagine, God frowning at all this corruption

Those of us who confess we love God should daily please Him and as He is looking over the world, let Him see you doing what is right in His eyes and with that, place a smile on His face.  Let’s show Him we appreciate what He has created and what He has given us.  Let’s all strive to please God each and every day of our lives….are you with me today???

I sincerely hope this post has given you a desire to please God in all you do and to continue seek that which is good always in Jesus name!  God bless you!

Inspired by Laraine Turner

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