I See You…


Scriptures: Matthew 6:1-4 (Key Verse: Matthew 6:4)

“I had a dream one night which involved me pushing and shoving through a crowd to get to Jesus.  There were so many people and it seemed impossible for me to reach Him.  The more I pushed and shoved, the farther away I got.  Soon I became discouraged and just stood still.  In standing still, the most beautiful thing happened.  I looked in the direction of Jesus and saw Him, but what surprised me was He saw me as well.  Our eyes locked and I could hear Him say to me; I see you”

Today, I want you to know Jesus sees you!  He is not blind, preoccupied with other matters of the universe where He does not see you.  I can’t stress it enough!

When your good is rewarded with evil, He sees you!

When you push your plate back, not for yourself, but for someone else, He sees  you!

In the midnight hour while everyone else is sleep and you are on your knees praying, He sees you!

Those tears you’ve shed because of being hurt or accused falsely, He sees you!

When your heart is breaking, He sees you!

When you stretch out before Him in the spirit of sackcloth and ashes, He sees you!

When you’re not recognized or have been overlooked, He sees you!

When you are taken for granted, He sees you!

When you are in so much pain, but wear a smile, He sees you!

Jesus sees you!  He never sleeps, takes vacation, gets tired, becomes preoccupied or takes a break, but is ever present.  Looking and booking!  He’s a loving and caring God and He wants you to always remember, He sees you!

Thank you for visiting our blog today.  We pray something from this post has blessed your soul and you will continue in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ!  Remember, seek that which is good always in Jesus name.  God bless you!

Inspired by Sister Laraine Turner

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