A Blind Date with Jesus…


Picture the scene… You’re sitting in a restaurant at the table in the corner waiting for your blind date to walk through the door and in walks Jesus. Your friends have told you all about this guy, they’ve told you what he’s like, what he does, and why he’s perfect for you and pretty much everything they know about him… It is because of everything your friends have told you that has caused you to agree to this blind date and now you are finally about to meet this guy for yourself, you have preconceived ideas but none based on your own experiences or interactions with him and so begins the date.

Christianity can be closely parralleled to a blind date… It’s because of friends that we invite God into our hearts or allow ourselves to actually meet him. When we let him into our lives, we have no real idea of what he can do and who he is except what we’ve heard and from the moment we let him in, begins the journey of getting to know him, the friendly dinner time banter…

But how many of us agree to this blind date but then sit in silence the whole night?
Instead of chatting and finding out more about him, we’d rather look at the others around us or the menu or we just sit on the phone chatting to our friends about the man sitting opposite us. Instead of taking time to get to know Jesus ourselves, we rely on preaches and words of others to expand our knowledge of Him.

Jesus is there opposite us, yet we choose to ignore him.

We have been given full access to Jesus, He is sitting waiting for us to give him our attention. He doesn’t just want this blind date to be the only experience we have of him. He wants that date to be the start of a whirlwind romance, he wants you to tell him all about you but he also wants to tell you and show you everything about himself. He’s just waiting for you to start the conversation

So why not put down the menu, the phone, or what ever it is and just give Jesus some time to show you who he really is.
You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for visiting our blog today.  We pray something from this post has blessed your soul and you will continue in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ!  Remember, seek that which is good always in Jesus name.  God bless you!

Inspired by David

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