How Often Do You Lay Down Your Cross?

coffee houseToday’s Topic: How often do you lay down your cross?

How many of us would be honest to say that we from time to time lay down the cross to handle business in our way? Well, if you are like me, sometimes when I’m not prayed up enough, I tend to allow the flesh to rise up and therefore set aside my cross

Although this is not the behavior that Jesus warrants, but thank God He knows that we are in the flesh and is ready to forgive us for those moments

Take up your cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24) is what Jesus is saying to all of us. It’s an invitation to not just follow Him, but also to walk in His footsteps, allow Him to be our strength and guide us in taking care of business

Pray, fast and read the Word to stay prayed up so that we won’t be so tempted and easily persuaded to lay down our cross to handle business

Inspired by Missionary Laraine Turner

We pray something in today’s post has uplifted your spirit and provided encouragement for you to seek that which is good and seek a closer walk with Jesus!  God bless you!

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