Why You Are Not Being Blessed

Ever wondered why so many people around you are being blessed with new homes, new cars, better jobs, etc.

The answer to ‘Why You Are Not Being Blessed’ is simple…

1.  It’s not your season

God has specific plans for all of us.  At His specific time and how He decides to bless us

None of us are the same and God doesn’t bless us the same.  What you may need doesn’t necessarily mean your neighbor needs it too. God is so magnificent to know who to bless and what to bless them with…just leave it all in His hands

Another reason why you are not being blessed could simply be your attitude

Do you get upset or find yourself talking about the person in whom God is blessing?

If you can honestly say yes truthfully, then you must change your attitude.  Your season is coming and when it does, would you want someone being upset with you or talking about you?

There are countless blessings waiting for all of us.  God is so rich!  I mean, He’s richer, than rich and wants to bless His children, but we must keep ourselves ready to receive His blessings and that only means to do the following:

1.  Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength – Deuteronomy 6:5

2.  Love one another – John 13:34

3.  Keep God’s commandments – Exodus 20: 3 – 17


Prayer for God’s Blessing

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, God, Jesus! Lord I ask for forgiveness and guidance.  I ask for Your divine mercy over my life.  I pray that my life lines up with Your Word and that I will receive every blessing You have in store for me.  I ask that You help me to not get jealous of others being blessed around me, but that I may find myself rejoicing with them in their season.  I look forward to my season of being blessed by You and with every blessing You bestow upon me, I will use it for Your glory and Your honor always in Your name I pray, giving thanks always…Amen

Inspired by Sister Laraine Turner for Blessed Magazine

We pray something in today’s post has enlightened you and inspired you to seek that which is good and allow Jesus into your heart.  Stay blessed in Jesus name…Amen

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