Three Simple Words…

changetheworldThree simple words spoken by a total stranger drew a desperately broken young man off the streets and into the kingdom.

He started drinking as a teenager, becoming a full-fledged alcoholic after the death of his mother. Having lost his job, friends, home—even his belongings—Doyu found himself living on the streets by his 28th birthday. One day, while scavenging for enough change to get the cheapest drink to feed his addiction, a stranger handed him an invitation to a celebration at a nearby church. His immediate thought was that they might serve beer or at least fermented mare’s milk and he could get a drink by going. But what the person said next is what drew him in—that Jesus loved him. No one had told him they loved him since his mother passed away, and his ravenous heart leapt at the words.

He couldn’t wait to go to the celebration and cleaned up as best he could in his homeless condition. Hesitating at the church door, he began to have second thoughts—he wasn’t appropriately washed or dressed to go to church. At that very moment, some people who were just arriving warmly welcomed him and invited him in. They didn’t seem to notice his appearance or his smell. Not even his blood relatives would invite him into their homes. The experience of being “invited in” was almost surreal.

To Doyu’s amazement, during the prayer time the pastor prayed specifically for him, literally sobbing as he did. After he finished, he gave him a hug. It was almost more than his degenerated spirit could handle. The love and kindness he received that day became a different kind of addiction—far more satisfying than alcohol had ever been. Now a regular church attendee, Doyu is learning that the strength he needs to turn from his past comes from Jesus alone. “I really want to live a good life,” he says. “I want to love Jesus because He loves me so much.”

Three simple words spoken by a total stranger drew a desperately broken young man off the streets and into the kingdom.

“Jesus loves you.”

Now the question to you, our reader…

Are you spreading the good news to those who are hurting, lost or desperately seeking something better for their lives?  If yes, God continue to bless you, but if no; then why not start today by telling someone about Jesus and what He has done for you…let’s change the world one person at a time for Jesus Christ…

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