Spiritual Pack Rats

packrat111208On the television series “Hoarders” we are introduced to people who cannot throw anything away. Living up to their necks in piles of rubbish and filth these people are possessed, in biblical terms, by an unclean demon.

Jesus told us the story of a man who after being cleansed of 1 unclean spirit, how the unclean spirit walks around searching for a new host, but when it can’t find one, decides to go back and repossess the man of whom it came out of.  But, it doesn’t want to go alone, so it recruits 7 more unclean spirits to go with it and the man’s state is worst now than he was in the beginning – Matthew 12:43-45

Why did this happen to the man who was cleansed?

One reason could be because after the man asked for forgiveness from Jesus, he found it difficult to forgive himself and thus allowing the enemy to once again possess his being (mind)

When Jesus forgives us, He remembers those sins no more.  If this is the case, why can’t we forgive ourselves?  Why do we chose to hang on to excess baggage from our past?

Often the things we can’t forgive ourselves for are deeply emotional and extremely complex.  This emotional baggage weighs you down so much that pleasure is no longer pleasurable and great is no longer even good.  When we don’t forgive ourselves we are setting the stage for those unclean spirits to come back and wreck havoc on our lives.

Jesus doesn’t want this for you.  Jesus didn’t forgive you for you to fall back into your sin.  Jesus didn’t die for your sins only to see you fall back into it.  Who Jesus makes free is free indeed – John 8:36

As a spiritual hoarder you may be guilty of 1 or 2 things, but over time you will begin picking up other bad things (habits) and soon find yourself so deeply buried in your sin that you will not see a way out


We would like to remind you of how to break free from being a spiritual hoarder:

1.  Pray for help – Jesus wants nothing more than to help you. It is His great pleasure

2.  Fast daily – Jesus said in Matthew 17:20-21 that if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to your mountain (your dilemma) move and it shall be moved, but sometimes, it takes prayer and fasting to move those mountains

3.  Read God’s Word daily and often – the more you fill your mind and spirit with God’s Word, any unclean spirit will have to move out.  The Word of God is powerful and filled with truth.  It’s impossible for unclean spirits to dwell where there is truth

4.  Engage with other Believers – We can’t tell you how important this is.  Most hoarders tend to stay to themselves, but we employ you to get out.  Join a spiritual support group and go to church more often

Let us warn you, that none of the 4 steps above will work unless you are wiling and have come to the conclusion you are fed up with the way you are living.  Addicts can’t be rehabilitated until they come face to face with their demon and say to themselves, this is not what I want anymore.  Just like them, you must face your demon and say ‘enough is enough’.  Until then, your journey will only take you around in circles

We thank you for visiting our blog and hope something has been said to compel you to seek that which is good and love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul – God continue to bless you and may His grace follow you everyday of your life

Inspired by Sister Laraine

Until we meet again, remain blessed in Jesus name!

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