The devil is behind the wounds of rejection. Lucifer, an angel of light, rejected God by rebelling against Him and leading a revolt that turned one third of God’s heavenly army against Him. Lucifer rejected God, who made him, and became the source of rejection for all mankind. The angel of light is now the ruler of darkness, a liar, and an accuser. Rejection begets rejection.

Rejection: no human soul can enter this world and avoid it. Adam and Eve, the first parents of the human race, certainly felt the sting of rejection upon being driven out of paradise. Adam, created by God and in His image, rejected the One who named Him and gave him his identity. In doing so, Adam rejected himself. All was well until he believed the lie that says ‘you are less than who God created you to be.’ Rejection begets rejection.

I have never cast a devil out of a person who has not experienced rejection and can easily recount its pain. If you know who and whose you are, you will overcome rejection. But if you don’t, you are an easy target for the enemy’s lies. Envy, jealousy, and even hate have their roots in rejection. If we compare and contrast the worth of our lives by looking outside of us rather than within us, we become less than who God made us to be. We are most vulnerable to the devil when we lose sight of the blessings of who we are and what God has given us.

Rejection attacks the very person that we are, so it is the most effective weapon for our destruction. Jesus said, “Him that comes to me I will in no wise cast him out” (John 6:37). Christ values you and in Him you value yourself. The wounds of rejection have no place to fester in a person who has found their acceptance in Christ. Jesus died to heal all our sorrows, including the deathly blow of rejection. He paid the price for our deliverance on the cross. Entrust yourself to him and ask him to deliver you and heal every wound. In time, you will totally forgive all who have mistreated you. He will lead you out of abusive relationships to real relationships of truth and light. In Christ alone, you will step out of the endless cycle of rejection into the paradise of loving acceptance.

by Linda Lariscy

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