How to Understand God…Don’t!!!


No one can ever fully understand God. It’s impossible, because He says, “My ways are above your ways. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa.55:9)

So forget trying to explain God! Quit trying to understand Him! Stop trying to diagnose Him and take Him apart and analyse Him! Just accept Him and His Word by faith!

Jesus tried to make it simple, He said, “Except you become as a little CHILD, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Mat.18:3) A baby is such a good illustration! A little child understands God better than most adults. Even before he learns to talk, he understands love, the simplest, yet most profound thing in the World! But what little baby understands his mother or father or how he was born or all about life? He just feels their love and accepts it and receives it!

It’s all so simple that many people just can’t believe it! The Love of God, like the love of any father, is that simple! It’s just a matter of faith.

It’s impossible to fully understand God and His Love. But it is possible to RECEIVE Him and to love Him in return!

Article by David Brandt Berg

As with all our posts, please be guided of the Holy Spirit in all things.  God will never lead you wrong and if ever in doubt about anything pertaining to your soul salvation, seek the Lord in prayer and wait on Him for an answer

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