Don’t Be Afraid to Die


You have no idea how long you are going to be on this planet. You might think you can make a reasonable estimate based on your current health status and your age. But the reality is that God could kill you at any moment. Now if you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then this should scare the daylights out of you. For those who are not in a right relationship with God, death is the beginning of an eternity in Hell. It doesn’t get any scarier than that.

But if you are a Christian, then death becomes something else entirely. Instead of being some frightening journey into a black abyss, death is simply God reaching out, taking hold of a soul that He loves, and pulling that soul into a tender embrace. Death is merely the moment when God scoops your little soul out of this dimension and brings you to a far better one. He hand carries you—He doesn’t just stand back at a distance and reel you in like some sort of fish. Imagine how you might carry a book through the rain—you’d hold it close against you and curve your body so that it will be sheltered from any of the drops. This is how you want to imagine God carrying your soul from this dimension to the next. He is going to keep you pressed against Him the whole way and there won’t be anything or anyone that can harm you. As a Christian, you have the magnificent Holy Spirit dwelling within you. He is extremely protective over your soul. No one touches you without God’s permission, and the passage from earth to Heaven is a passage that He controls.

God is the only One who can separate soul from body, and no one will end your life on this earth prematurely. He will take you at just the right time—one moment you’ll be here, and the next moment you’ll be seeing Him face to face. For a Christian, death is the best thing that can ever happen to us on this earth. Death is the moment that we finally get to escape this frustrating blindness and at last see our Lord and Savior. What’s better: to be walking around on this planet or to be resting in the arms of Jesus? Death is not something we need to fear, for death is the realization of everything we have spent our lives hoping for and trusting in. Death is when your faith will become fact, when your submission to God will be greatly rewarded. Death is the greatest blessing God could ever give you on this earth, for death is when He says, “Today is the day I want you to feel My arms around you. This is the moment I want you to see My face.”

God created Heaven to be a reward for those who submit to Him on earth. He is really looking forward to blessing you with the experience of Heaven, and the moment will come in your life when He just isn’t willing to wait any longer. The moment will come when He suddenly comes upon you and whispers to your soul that it is time to come Home. You will hear His Voice and all fear will fall away. There are countless stories of God bringing dying Christians glimpses of beautiful places and familiar faces coming to greet them. God knows how to make your transition to the next dimension a positive thing. You can trust Him to ease your journey.

No Christian ever dies alone. God is holding you now, and He will be holding you in your final moments on earth. When you think of dying, visualize yourself resting in the arms of God. Imagine Him gently kissing you with a broad smile on His face and His eyes lit up with joyful anticipation. He knows how much you are going to enjoy Heaven. Your physical mind can’t begin to fathom all of the wonderful things He has in store for you. But best of all will be the moment that you see the faces of the Ones who created you and realize how very personal Their love for you is. As a Christian, death is not something you need to fear. Death is going to be a truly wonderful surprise.

Article Originally posted by Anna Diehl

As with all our posts, please be guided of the Holy Spirit in all things.  God will never lead you wrong and if ever in doubt about anything pertaining to your soul salvation, seek the Lord in prayer and wait on Him for an answer

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