God Stands Accused By His Creation


I watched a little girl at a picnic one day.  She had gone to the food table and put potato chips and cheese puffs in a plastic bowl and walked over to some other children and asked each one if they wanted some.  One boy took a handful and ate one and made the remark, “This is junk,” then threw the rest on the ground.  The others laughed.  The little girl offered some to one of the girls and she looked at the little girl in distain and made a nasty remark to her for disturbing her when she was talking to her friends.  Then her older sister grabbed her and told her to go and play with the little kids.  At the same time her mother saw her with the bowl of chips and puffs and scolded her for taking the food without asking.  Finally, the little girl broke down crying, and went over to a tree and sat down and cried her little heart out.

All I could think of was God.  That’s the way we treat God.  That’s the way Jesus was treated when He was on earth.  All God knows is love.  That is His essence.  He doesn’t have anything else. That is all there is, and that is everything. Outside of love is chaos and hate and meanness.  So, all God can do for us is love us.  Love means giving. And like that little girl, God knows only how to give, to give so He can create happiness in those He loves.  And as I watched that little girl I could see how her little heart was breaking with each rejection, and I began to wonder as each person was finding fault with her, how ingratitude affects God.  I reminisce at how often people complain to me about God, and if He’s supposed to be so good, why does He allow so much evil to happen in our lives.  And it seems that everybody has some complaint about God, even good people have their complaints, but they don’t want to feel guilty so they just find fault with God for making mistakes and having bad judgment so often.  We blame Him for race riots; we blame Him for all the evil in wars and for all the innocent victims of war and natural disasters and holocausts and despots killing their own people who demand redress of grievances.  We blame Him for the death of loved ones, especially when they are children who have not had a chance to live.  And I began to realize that God is accused, tried and convicted all day long, daily, as if He is mean and cruel in allowing all these things to happen, when He could easily do something about all of these calamities.  In essence…

God STANDS ACCUSED By His Creation

And then I think, God doesn’t do all these things, and in giving us free will He tied His own hands and in respect for this freedom He gave us, He lets our decisions run their course, often their evil course, which, of course, leaves Himself open to being charged with conspiracy in all the evil that takes place in the world.

Like that little girl who had taken so much abuse when all she was doing was showing love, and all the time the way she was treated was breaking her little heart, I wondered if God has any reaction to all the things we dump on Him all day long.  Does it hurt?  Does He in any way feel the pain of rejection and ingratitude?  In the Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible God pours His heart out over all He does for his people and asks why they treat Him with such cold indifference and meanness and ingratitude.  “What have I done to you that you treat He the way you do?”  And then Jesus wept over Jerusalem.  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how I wanted so much to gather you together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would have nothing to do with Me?”

With all the thousands of tiny miracles that it takes for us just to breathe and for our hearts to beat all day long and for our eyes to see and our ears to hear and for the hundreds of thousands of complex chemical processes to function with precise efficiently day and night for sixty, seventy, eighty or ninety years, and without a battery, it never occurs to us to think of all these miracles of love involved in God’s  just giving us life and keeping us alive each day, and recognize what a loving, caring, and kind God we have to have been so good to us, and we are only creatures made from dust to whom He owes nothing.

And all we do is dump our garbage on Him.  One day we will be totally shocked at how this loving God makes up to those so-called poor victims of natural disasters and the meanness of evil people. We don’t see blessings that He had in store for them when He took them home so early and under such circumstances.    Some day we will see the beautiful tapestry God wove in the lives of all of us, and then the mess of loose ends on the back of the tapestry will suddenly make sense, and we will say with shame, “I am so sorry, Good Father, that I was so ignorant in thinking that you didn’t know what you were doing.”

Article by Joseph Girzone and Laraine Turner

As with all our posts, please be guided of the Holy Spirit in all things.  God will never lead you wrong and if ever in doubt about anything pertaining to your soul salvation, seek the Lord in prayer and wait on Him for an answer

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