Do You Have 30 Seconds For God Right Now?


Most will ignore this.  Many will glance at it and move on.  But, are you one of the few who will stop and read this post to the end….Do You Have 30 Seconds For God Right Now?

God loves you so much and He wants to share so much with you that it’s breaking His heart that you won’t give Him a chance

God loves you so much that when He sees you doing things which is against His will; He still covers you with His love

God loves you so much that before you call or cry unto Him; He’s already figured out a plan to deliver you and take away your tears

God loves you….don’t you get it?


Article by Laraine Turner

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Why Believers Must Have a Heart of Flesh

take care of your heart

Ezekiel tells us that we need to have a heart of flesh. And this heart of flesh can only come from God. This heart of flesh is in contrast to a heart of stone that so many people have. How can we get this heart of flesh?

The Meaning of a Heart of Flesh

In Ezekiel 36, God was talking to the Israelites and telling them what He would do for them when they came back to Him. Then He said: “Ezekiel 36:26 (NIV): “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

The Hebrew word for “flesh” (bawsawr) does refer to the body that we have. However if we look at the root from which bawsawr comes from, we can more clearly understand what God is talking about. It comes from the Hebrew word “basar” that means “to be fresh, to announce, preach, show forth good tidings.”

In other words, God will take our old heart of stone and replace it with a heart that is soft and pliable and full of good things. Understand that the word “heart” comes from the Hebrew word “lebab” that refers to our feelings, our will and even our intellect. Thus, it refers to the center of our very being, or who we really are.

This is Important for Us

This is something that we need to understand in these last days. If we want to win people over to Christ so they will not have to go through the Tribulation, we need them to see Christ in us. We need people to look at us and see our lack of fear, our love for everyone else, the peace that we have amidst all the turmoil that is around us.

We need people to look at us and say: “I want what you have.” The only way we are going to win people to Jesus in these last days is to show them through our actions that we have peace within us and confidence that God is going to win. We need people to look at us and ask: “Why are you so happy in the midst of all the tragedy that is happening all around us?”

Give Them a New Counselor

Believe it or not, we are all being guided around by some type of a spiritual guide. Deep within each of us is a longing for God. And if we don’t actively seek out God, other spirits will fill that longing that is inside of us. I know that is hard for many to accept, but if the one inside you that is giving you counsel is not God, then it is an evil spirit.

And remember, the only way for God to be living inside of you is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. When this happens, then the Holy Spirit can come and live inside of you. When the Holy Spirit is living in you, then no evil spirit can live there.

You Will Never Eliminate Evil Temptations

Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Satan and his demons are actually going to work even harder to get us to go against God’s will for us. When we accept Jesus, Satan and his demons become very upset with us. But, do not worry, when we have the Holy Spirit living in us, all they can do is to tempt us.

And with the Holy Spirit as our new Counselor, He will guide us away from those temptations. However, we do have to listen to Him. We can still ignore Him and go our own way. But don’t! Allow the Holy Spirit to counsel you in all that you do.

Receive Your Heart of Flesh

Allow God to change your heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Allow God to mold you into the very being of love that He wants you to be. Allow God to be able to use you in these last days. Let God work through you to win others to Christ.

You will know if you have received this heart of flesh by your actions. The fruit that flows from you will show what is inside of you. If you are harsh, bitter, lose your temper easily, want to control others, etc. then you must realize that the one counseling you is not the Holy Spirit.

Remember what God said in Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV): “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” If God has given you a heart of flesh, then this is the fruit that you will be presenting to others.

Even Christians Need To Receive This Heart of Flesh

Believe it or not, we can accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and still reject the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Remember, we can know who our counselor is by the fruit that flows from our lives. The problem is that we often don’t recognize the fruit that is flowing from us. This is why we need to talk to other born-again Christians.

Allow other born-again Christians to show us what they see coming out of us. Listen to what they tell us because they will see what we cannot see. Remember, if our counselor is not the Holy Spirit, that counselor will have blinded us so that we cannot see what is coming forth from us.

The Solution

Spend time in prayer with God, through Jesus. Allow Him to show you what is coming forth from your flesh. Find a good Bible-believing Church and start attending. Find a warm born-again Christian and ask him/her to counsel you. Let God work through His children to help you in your walk through life.

Article by Charles Kinsley

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Being Afraid of Tomorrow


It’s a very human tendency to not want to face things; to postpone the inevitability of things like change, a new season or even death. We are sometimes so afraid of the uncertainties of life that we’ll even go as far as to postpone our own growth.

Canadian contemporary Christian artist Matt Maher says that people should not be afraid of anything because of the simple fact that Jesus Christ lives.

As part of the “Because He Lives” devotionals, Maher said that it is a very human tendency for people to not want to face the future and to postpone certain inevitable things such as change, a new season, or even death.

“We are sometimes so afraid of the uncertainties of life that we’ll even go as far as to postpone our own growth,” Maher wrote on his Facebook page.

He then shared the Bible verse 1 John 4:18, which Maher considers as the antithesis of fear. It says: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.”

Maher further explained that people who try to hold on to the past will only become more anxious about the future, and that is where all the fear comes from.

“Sometimes we live too much in the past and it makes us fearful about moving forward,” he said. The same can be said for people who try to live too much in the future, he said. Since predicting the future is impossible, it makes people fearful.

Maher said that fear only happens whenever people lose sight of God, because if people live in the present and live through Christ, then there is no more reason for fear.

“To live in the present moment, in the presence of the risen Christ, is the reason every fear is gone. It’s saying, ‘What I currently have in the present is so precious to me and is so freeing, because in the presence of Christ, Who is love, perfect love casts out fear,'” said Maher.

Story by Matt Maher

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What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up


Sometimes ideas seem great on paper, but they don’t work out so well in real life.

I really believe there are times when we need to stop and evaluate a goal.  I usually advise my kids that when they feel like giving up, then that is not the time to give up.  Because we shouldn’t always give in to our feelings.

What to do when you feel like giving up?

There are practical steps you can take to address those feelings of wanting to throw in the towel.  Below are 5 ideas I’ve implemented when I feel like giving up.  Maybe they will give you an idea or two about how to approach those feelings of wanting to quit.

1. Extend the time in which you expect to achieve the goal.

For example, our Bible Reading Challenge goal of reading the Bible through in a year, if you find that the reading is taking more time you thought or you just can’t find time to read four chapters a day, then scale back and read three a day or two a day.  There is no harm in adjusting the time, yet holding the goal.

2. Eliminate other activities to make more time for the goal.

If you have decided that you really want to achieve a certain goal no matter what, even though you are behind, then decide which activities you can drop.  Sometimes we have to lose the better to achieve the best.

3. Evaluate the goal and determine if an adjustment is necessary.

Maybe the original goal was to run a half marathon before summer, but you’ve encountered circumstances that have hindered your ability to run. Perhaps an injury or illness…or whatever.  The point is, you can still run that half marathon, but to make it happen before summer, the original schedule you set up needs to be modified.

Maybe you are dieting and you really wanted to lose a certain amount by a certain time. You haven’t lost the amount you should each week to meet the goal.  Instead of giving up, adjust the goal and stay positive!

4. Experience the feelings but drop their effects. 

I can’t always help how I feel.  I’m guessing you would say the same. Sometimes the weight of an issue presses and my natural human reaction isn’t so positive.  It is perfectly ok to experience the feelings of wanting to give up.  But the key to success will be not to dwell in the feelings.  Do whatever you need to do to meditate on the positive, not the negative.  For me, personally, this always means turning to God’s Word and His promises. Saturate the would-be ripple effect of negativity in truth.

5. Envision success.

Set your eyes on the prize and go for it. Keep going no matter what. Think about what it will feel like to have victory… to succeed.

In Summary…

Often more is achieved during the process of reaching the goal than the actual act of reaching the goal.  In other words:

Though victory may bring the crown, perseverance builds the character. – my hubby

Article by Rachel Wojo

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