“You’re Wasting Time!”


“You’re Wasting Time!”

It’s 2016! Another year has passed and you’re still not living for the Lord. Each day that you don’t surrender to the Lord, you allow the enemy to keep you from God’s bountiful blessings for your life. You’re wasting valuable time.

Don’t you know God has a divine plan for your life! A plan filled with wonders and joys beyond your imagination. Some of you reading this are struggling to make ends meet, but guess what; God has a plan for that and His plan involves prosperity. Some of you are dealing with illnesses right now, but again, guess what; God has a plan for that too. He wants to heal you and a little hint…He can heal you without medications or surgery!!!

God’s plan for your life involves so much more that what you’re doing right now, and all you have to do to tap into His plan is say ‘Yes Lord’

The clock is ticking…isn’t it about time you begin living a blessed life with Jesus?

May the grace of God keep you and the love of Christ Jesus forever rest upon you from this day forth!…Amen

Missionary Laraine Turner

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Image by Insider. Ticket Master

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