Last night I tossed and turned worrying about today because today is one of those days that I have a lot to do. But at 7:07 this morning, the Lord placed within my spirit how to conquer my worries with a perfect plan…in just seconds!!!

Now had I consulted the Lord prior to my journey down worry lane, I would have been blessed with a good nights sleep, but I didn’t and I suffered

I’m telling you this because if you’re like me, we tend to worry about things and forget to place them in Jesus hands. He knows all about us and He said in His word, He loves and cares about us. So today, starting right now, let’s commit to laying down our worries and committing ourselves to Jesus. My night of worrying was calmed in seconds by Jesus…it literally took Jesus seconds to calm my storm and He can do the same for you; if you allow Him

May the grace of God keep you and the love of Christ Jesus forever rest upon you from this day forth!…Amen

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